Steam error - Invalid App Configuration

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  • Hi guys!

    I spent many hours in trying to understand where the problem could be with no result.

    I need to export my game via Nw.js on desktop Mac and Windows. I'm trying to upload the mac version to see if Greenworks Plugin works as expected (achievements and Overlay).

    The problem is that I can't start any of the build I Upload on Steamworks that giving me the error in title (Invalid App Configuration).

    I followed the installation guide of the plugin.

    So --> I have Latest Greenworks plugin installed (v0.52) --> Use the V.52 of Nw.Js while exporting --> put the file listed in installation guide (steam_api.dll, libsteam_api.dylib, libsdkencryptedappticket.dylib) inside "Contents/Resources/App.Nw" --> Put the STEAM_APPID.txt file inside "Contents/Resources/" --> Build uploaded on Steamworks --> test via Steam and failed to start as stated in title.

    Maybe am I missing to insert some other Steam SDK file somewhere?

    Can someone help me or link to a complete guide?

    Thank you to everyone and sorry for my terrible English!

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  • Put the STEAM_APPID.txt file inside "Contents/Resources/

    put STEAM_APPID.txt inside "/Contents/Resources/app.nw/"

  • > Put the STEAM_APPID.txt file inside "Contents/Resources/

    put STEAM_APPID.txt inside "/Contents/Resources/app.nw/"

    Thank you Eren! I just tried it but no change.

  • Hy guys. It ends up was just my mistake in setting the root content folder.

    Post can be closed.

    Thanks to Eren in trying to help me!

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