How do I stay on physics behaviour?

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  • I have added physics behaviour to an object . It collides with another physics object . Then the previous object leaves its own physics . Any kind of help is appreciated .


  • What do you mean by "leaves it's own physics"?

  • It's like creating a hero rescue game pins. The pins which moves has a physics and bullet behaviour . The lava/water/objects have a physics behaviour attached . Ideally when pin is pulled lava/water/object should fall .

    Now, if you leave layout for few seconds during preview layout , lava/water/objects doesn't fall. It stays still like pin is not pulled but on touch behaviour pin is pulled away.

  • You should post your project file, it's really difficult to understand your problem.

    Also, Physics is not compatible with other movement behaviors. Don't use Physics with Pin or Bullet behaviors in one object.


    This is the project file with the problem. Leave the layout for few seconds during preview layout and candies leave their physics property.

    If physics is not compatible with bullet, what best should be done to move the platform/pin on touch.

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  • In Physics world you need to move object with Physics actions - apply force, set velocity etc.

    Try this:

  • It worked. But pin behaviour is not compatible with physics. So if i actually create a basic key with circle and rectangle where circle size should remain same for every key and rectangle width varies , pin is not compatible . Resizing of sprite resizes the whole sprite including rectangle and circle.

    This is the project file with the problem showing circle and rectangle resizes in whole when sprite is resized.

    Can you suggest what is best in such a case?

  • Do you need keys with different rectangle length? You can create several frames or animations in the sprite.

    Or use a separate sprite for the circle and attach it to the rectangle with physics joints.

  • I will try to use animation . Frames changes every key if initial frame is changed in any one of the duplicated sprite .

    But if i try to create lava or water and they need to change their animation on collision to display themselves as rock . It can't be achieved with 'set animation'. Few sprites change and others retain the color red or blue .

    This c3p file shows the error on preview layout.

    Also, on collision of rock the player should not die but he dies from red color. This can't be achieved with changing animation frames.

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