How do I make a stationary texture?

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  • Hello fellow gamedevs!

    I need help, but am not quite sure what I am actually asking... So even pinpointing me towards keywords & resources would be fine.

    So I want to achieve an effect were TilledBG or Sprite is pinned on player and moves along with him (EASY PART), but texture of the said BG or Sprite remains stationary (HARD PART).

    So think of it as Parallax scrolling on the object itself is 100% but Parallax scrolling on texture is 0%. I could probably achieve the effect with the use of layers but it would be very ineffective since said BG / Sprite would have to cover the whole layout. (unless I am missing something)

    Anyway, I hope someone can help and I am happy to clarify the matter further if I did not do a good job explaining it. (ps. I really hope there is a simple solution I am just missing here)

  • With a tiled background it´s quite easy actually.

    Just pin it to the player and use this event.

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  • Perfect solution! Thank you so much! I was quite certain there would be a simple solution, just could not find it.

    Thanks again!

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