How do I make my start screen responsive?

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  • Ok so, I've got a layout for my start screen, and I've created an animated sprite. What I'm trying to have happen is when the player hovers the mouse over the sprite, it stops moving. Then when the player clicks on the sprite, it takes the player to the next layout. So I set that up in the events based on what I found in other forums on here, but when I run the preview, nothing happens at all when I move my mouse cursor on the screen. I've tried changing it to a specific key input from a keyboard as well as a button on a gamepad, but nothing works. Any ideas?

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  • Are you using this same event sheet for both the start screen and game layout? This is wrong, start screen should have its own event sheet.

    So the event sheet for start screen should contain events 13 and 14.

    Event sheet for "layout 1" should contain events 1-11.

    And delete event 12.

  • I will try that. Thank you!

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