Sprites disappearing when changing its layer?

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  • Hello

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum section for my question.. If not someone will probably move my post. Anyway.

    So there's an issue that's been following me during all this time within Construct 3, and I'm not entirely sure what's causing it.

    As I'm continuing working with sprites and layers within my game, certain sprites seem to disappear when moved to other layers. It's not a situation where the moved sprite falls behind another layer that now covers it up. The sprite that got moved to another layer simply gets deleted as soon as it's no longer highlighted. I assume this can be confirmed by examining the properties of moved sprite. Upon doing so, I can see that the sprite no longer inherits properties that's unlocked as soon as at least one of it exists within the layout (for example which layer the sprite currently resides within.)

    Up until now I've managed to bypass this issue by deleting the layer and simply creating a new one before moving the sprite to it, but right now it's become such a halt for my progress.

    Is there a feature I'm missing?

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  • could be just about anything... without seeing your code.

    could be that the layer you are moving it to is scrolled or zoomed differently so that the sprite is not visible. And if you have code that destroys objects not on screen, that could cause it to be destroyed.

    I have never heard of anyone having issues like this, so it is likely a bug in your code, or a new issue from the most recent update. if all else fails, you may have to file a bug report... but I have a feeling it is some combination of actions in your code.

  • AllanR Thank you for your two cents on my issue.

    I'm not sure if this could be due to codes and events. In this situation, it's about a newly created sprite. No code or event has been implemented that somehow involves this sprite.

    I just noticed that this behavior only occurs when I drag/create new sprites while having a global layer at the top. If I have a sprite created on a non-global layer, changing layer for the sprite seems to work.

    Guess I more or less solved my own problem.

  • So apparently if I highlight a sprite and change its layer to a global one and then click away the highlight. Then highlighting it again and change it to a non-global layer, the sprite disappears and only remains within the global layout.

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