Spriter scon animation not working.

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  • After following the tutorial on C3 Spriter animation importing (here: construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/general-discussion-7/spriter-c3-addon-1-12-2019-upd-130240), I still can't get the animation to work. When I preview it, the animation doesn't get drawn.

    Project file: ufile.io/2dxsu


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  • Hi Wulfy,

    I tried to load and test your file but somehow you're using r135 and the browser version is r131.

    Is there a way to access beta versions I don't know about?

    Can you make a screen recording of the import attempt and resulting issue? This might help us find the problem.


  • Well as I was recording and exporting, then importing this for the forth time it worked... I always did the exact same process, even exited Spriter after each try and now it worked. The .scon must've been a bit buggy for some reason, because I've noticed that the last time I exported the .scon with the SpriteSheet, it was 0.7kb larger than any of my last attempts. Only thing that was different is that I made a completely new directory for the exports (for the convenience of the video). There don't seem to be any more issues since that. Thank you for taking the time to reply!

    About the browser versions; If I want to access a new version I just directly enter it via editor.construct.net/r135. I manually put that /r135 in.

  • My best guess is when it was the original folder there were extra things you were accidentally including in the zip that you were dragging into c3.

    Exporting the spritesheeted version to a clean new folder is definitely recommended.

    I'm working on new step by step tutorial videos but it will be several more days before I can finish and upload them.

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