SpriteFont Creation

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  • Hi All,

    How does everyone create their SpriteFont's? I'm talking mainly about using an existing TTF, OTF etc font and rendering it in a compatible way for C3.

    Does C3 support things like BMFont, Glyph Designer etc? I've found this...


    ...but I wondered about tools like what I listed as well as with Glyph Designer you can add effects and so on.

    p.s. Forum search doesn't work for me, is everyone seeing that? I'm a new user and it would really help to be able to search and see if anybody has asked similar queries in the past etc.

  • Ive tried a ton of these spritefont creators and the only one Ive gotten on with so far is Bitmap Font Creator i found on some forum. forum.thegamecreators.com/thread/184828 it has a very limited feature set but makes it super easy and quick to make a sprite-sheet that can be input into c3 all done in seconds. or you can output a gradient, an outline and a black mask and use them in photoshop or krita etc. to make some cool stuff.

    but there is probably better tools out there.

  • You're better off using a webfont it has more features construct.net/blogs/construct-official-blog-1/new-text-features-in-the-construct-3-runtime-908 and it got a super duper upgrade in the new runtime !!

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  • Thanks both, appreciate the responses.

    NetOne I've been going through some of the same tools you probably tried as well without much luck, thanks for the link, wasn't aware of this. Guessing it outputs monospaced fonts and doesn't export the width data needed for C3 to make things look nice for non monospaced fonts?

    Yes, I was starting to think the web font is the way to go although there's a possibility it might not render the same on all devices reading through the docs etc? If the webfont is included in the build how much of an issue is it really, anybody have any real world experience? Reading through the new C3 runtime blog post you link and whats coming looks really really awesome, can't wait :) :)

    Thanks to you both again!

  • Yea, no spacing information with Bitmap Font Creator. But I don’t think it is too difficult to work out spacing yourself. (Saying that though I have never actually tried it, just using monospace for now, will have to sort spacing in the future.)

  • Thanks NetOne I will take a peek, hopefully the C3 runtime and the text rendering updates will make the process a bit more simple for us :)

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