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  • Hello girls and guys,

    I am Tim from the Netherlands, beginner with Construct 3 and i have a question about sprites vs tilemaps. Can somebody tell me if i think the correct way? Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand what i try to ask.

    'sprites' are used for: things which interact in every way. For example: Chopping a tree which falls down, Items which can be picked up or destroyed by the player, Vegetation what moves because of the wind. The player, the enemies or friends, gates which open and close. Crates which you can open to store your items.

    Tilemaps are used for: All kind of objects which does not have any interaction or movements. For example: Floors, grass, rock, fences and all static objects which not move or can be picked up, can break, or have any animations.

    Can somebody confirm if this way of thinking is right?

    Thanks for your help!


    The Netherlands

  • yeah, you are basically correct!

    Tiles can also not be scaled, moved, rotated, only the whole map can. The tiles will only be placed in a grid aswell.

    The main advantage of tiles is, that they are more performant if you have many of the same tiles in your level on one tilemap object, as well as that they are easily placed in a grid.

    There are still some ways to animate/ or change tiles at runtime.

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  • Tiles can also not be scaled, moved, rotated,

    Actually, tiles can be rotated (in 90-degrees intervals), flipped and mirrored.

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