Sprite not visible on certain layouts

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  • I'm new to it and teaching myself as I go but I'm not admittedly stumped. I'll successfully create multiple layouts with my main character transitioning between them, yet after the 3rd or 4th layout the sprite won't be visible and the viewer window is in the wrong place. I have it set to position the sprite at 0,0 on layout start - and it usually does - until a certain point. Then it just seems to be broken.

    I've rebuilt it several times to no avail.

    Does anyone have any clue?


  • Couldn't recreate what you're describing, player looks fine and visible in all layouts

  • That's bizarre. Could it be an issue with the browser, then? Because I just can't get it to work functionally no matter how many times I try.

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  • Not sure what it could be tbh, maybe someone else can weigh in. The memory usage isn't too bad 100mb which is about the limit on mobile if you're using that. For me it's fine on PC in chrome.

  • Yeah, when I run it in chrome it works fine until Layout 5, then it starts in the center of the layout, not beginning, and the character is invisible our outside the viewer. Scrolling still behaves as though the Sprite is there, to a certain extent, but no sign of it.

  • But thank you for looking

  • what else uses ScrollTo other than the player? anything?

    the obvious thing is that layouts 1-4 utilize AreaChangeReceiver opposed to all the other layouts have AreaChangeSender

    you probably need to make a separate test project to test what exactly you are trying to do.. a bare bones version... hard to see in your full project...

    always think in terms of quick iterations.. like how long does it take you to test something.. if I have to do something that takes 15 minutes to see, you aren't going to figure out that issue.. you have to isolated it to something you can look at quick.

    for example.. I played your game.. it took me forever to get to the second layout.. I'm not going through 3 other layouts just to see if I get the problem, just would take too much time...

  • Oh yeah it is broken on layout 5, it's because you have that player 2 cat in there with scroll to behaviour so its scrolling to that. But you said 3rd or 4th layouts in your post...

  • I really appreciate the help. It was the Scroll To command. Not even sure why I had that in there, but now I can actually work on making a half-decent game.

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