sprite normals? help fixing angles of bullets that are messed up.

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  • I need help I already got so far in a game where the player always stays in the middle of the viewpoint but the backgrounds moves and can rotate. I messed up big time with the sprite, making them face upward. Now when I shoot it is always sideways but I cant fix it easily because the way I made the game. If I can change the the sprite's normal would be the easiest route. I have tried changing the bullet's angle of motion but it does not work at all.

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  • if you have set the player sprite to face upwards and your issue is that the bullet is spawning to the right (0°) you can just set the bullet angle and angle of motion to player.angle-90°. Or alternatively just fix your player sprite so it is angled correctly.

    Doesn't sound like a big issue, but without your project file it is difficult to see what you've done

  • newgrounds.com/portal/view/792070

    Here is the game, you might see how I messed up. There are two versions of the gameplay, "pbot vs piconjo" and "story wip".

    in Pbot vs Piconjo, I used the 8.movement behavior but it still spawned things at an angle. With the story version the background moves at angle and 8movement is used to create an ease while I lerp the player to the middle of the screen. When im faceing different directions the angle is changes all over the place. Like with the torch or basket ball shows this happening. I can send a project file?

  • need to see the project file to diagnose any issues. Also your game does not load for me.

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