How do I make my sprite button pop out on click?

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  • Hi

    Is there a generic way to animate a pop out of a sprite button when it's clicked? I tried tween but I have to do the tween of the size and then the reverse once the first ends, didn't found yoyo animation type... Is there something better?

    Another thing is how to make it generic since I have more than 1 button... families?


  • When I say yoyo I meant Ping Pong? ... I was looking at Timelime... maybe timeline is more suited for this?

  • Yeah, Tween behavior really lacks looping and reversing options. I posted this idea a long time ago:

    You can simply run the second tween after a delay: Tween "increase_size", wait 0.2s, Stop Tween "increase_size", Tween "decrease_size"

    Or I often use this simple effect:

    On Clicked Button 
    	Button set scale to 1.05
    	Wait 0.1s
    	Button set scale to 1
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  • Yea I tried the tween option but didn't work well hence I stick with the scaling option. The only challenge I faced sometime with the scaling option is if your image point zero is not in the middle, then it makes the animation look different since it animates towards that point hence no option to force it to animate to another image point.

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