How do I make splash screen work ?

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  • My projects were working fine last month, but now whenever I create new project no splash screen is being displayed. Instead it shows up black screen and then main screen. I tried percentage, percentage and logo, Construct 3 splash all options in loader style but none worked.

    I am curious if i am doing something wrong, which i believe i am not. Initially I thought it is issue with some plugin but when i created new project it's not working there as well.

    I am attaching test c3p file link please help me.Ashley please do the needful.


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  • 1. Perhaps the project is that small it's loading instantly so visually almost skipping the progress bar.

    2. You can create a layout that plays first, as a splash and set an event to wait a few seconds and move onto your main layout.

    Ps. Maybe you're hitting preview layout and not preview project!

    Hope one of those solves your problem, haha!

  • Thanks for reply. I want to clear few points here.

    1. Project is not too small it has 50+ Levels, comprising off 50+ Layouts. The one i attached is sample. So this is not the case.

    2. Even in that case it displays black screen for 1 or 2 seconds, that is irritating to user.

    P.S I am hitting preview project.

    Hope this makes it clear picture of issue. Hahaha!

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