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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to use speech recognition on iPads and iPhones.

    I've exported the speech recognition demo as an Xcode project and previewed it on an iPhone (running iOS 12) and an iPad (running iOS 13). In both cases the speech recognition plugin reports that speech recognition isn't supported.

    I get the same result if I just use "remote preview" and load the speech recognition demo project in Safari on an iOS device.

    Is there any way to use speech recognition on iOS devices with Construct?


  • According to caniuse, it looks like Safari does not support speech recognition.

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  • Ashley, thanks for checking that. I got it working in the end!

    I followed your tutorial here: construct.net/en/tutorials/building-mobile-apps-locally-21

    And used this Cordova plugin: ourcodeworld.com/articles/read/401/how-to-use-the-speech-recognition-api-in-cordova

    I've tested on an iPad running iOS 13 and it seems to be working ok.

  • Thanks very much for your help! I got this working pretty well on Android. For whatever reason the continuous mode doesn't work for me, but changing it to single phrase is passable. I wish it ran the same as it does in the desktop browser but I'll settle for a working version.

    I was not able to get it to work on iOS though. I checked the plist and it is using the speech recognition but when I tap the button on my iPad to request speech recognition, it doesn't do anything. I can see that it's recognizing the tap, but it doesn't seem to recognize that speech recognition is supported... (I had a condition that forced the app to check if speech recognition was supported and it would not continue).

    Just curious if you experienced any of these issues while troubleshooting this problem.

  • Having similar issue right now on iOS.

    Speech recognition and speech synthesis does not seem to work on Chrome on iOS


  • As noted, speech recognition is not supported in Safari.

    Since Apple ban all other browser engines on iOS, all other browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Edge are just skins over Safari. So there is no difference in support between iOS browsers. Speech recognition is just not supported on iOS right now I'm afraid. It's something Apple will need to address.

  • Thank you Ashley for clarifying this. What a joke with this iOS :P

  • Hodgekins are you available on Discord by any chance ? There is no option to send you a PM here

  • Which service is used behind speech recognition in C3 ?

    Is it WebAudio ?

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