How do I take speech input in Spanish? Working on a language learning game

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  • Hi all. Im loving Construct and its helping me achieve my dream of making a language learning game. I want to teach the users certain Spanish words and then ask them to say it as practice. So for the speech input, is there a way to receive Spanish voice input? I know its working for English, but also having it work for other language would be a great tool to reinforce learning. Thank you!!

  • There's a "Language" parameter in the Request speech recognition action. It defaults to "en", but if you set it to "es" you should get Spanish recognition if it's supported.

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  • Thank you Ashley! I am truly grateful for your help. So I was able to get the speech recognition to understand Spanish and Translate that into text. I want to them compare this string value to make sure its being said correctly.

    I have my conditions as "Speech Recognition -> Result" and I added an instance variable for the Final Result Text object. So for the Action I want to compare the saved value (String) to what is expected, im not seeing any function to compare the value. Am I going about this the wrong way? Thank you again!

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