How do I make a specific tile kills the player?

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  • sorry my bad english

    hi guys, i'm begginer in construct, i'm making a top-down game and I'm using tiles to make the map (something like pokemon) i want to make the lava tile kills the player when collision with him, but i have no idea how to make a event identify that specific tile on my tilemap

    thanks in advice


  • For example, if you have a lava tile at index 5 in your tilemap:

    Tilemap Compare tile at X=(Tilemap.PositionToTileX(Player.x), Y=(Tilemap.PositionToTileY(Player.y)) EQUALS 5
    ...... Player subtract 1 from health
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  • Another way to do this is to create a sprite and call it "KillTile" (or whatever you want) then set its properties to invisible. When it is set to invisible, it doesn't render in game (i.e. no one can see it) but it still acts like an object all the same with collision events and what not.

    Drag the tile on the places on the tile map that are supposed to kill the player. Then add a Payer Event > On Collision With Another Object > KillTile

    Then do your killing in the action.

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