On specific multiple Animation Names Finished ?

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  • Instead of doing 3 Blocks of:

    When "Attack Animation 1" has finished ...

    When "Attack Animation 2" has finished ...

    When "Attack Animation 3" has finished ...

    Can I make it more efficient in 1 block?

    Like adding OR ?

    I tried with AND "&" and it accept it, but I tried "||" and it didn't work.

    Since I have no java-script or general code in general, I may be mistake about the signs.



    To something like this?


    If it's possible in C3 can you please tell me how it's done?

    Thanks ahead!

  • You can try this:

    Player On any animation finished
     For "" from 1 to 10
     Player Is Animation "Attack" & loopindex playing

    But if you only have a few attack animations, it's easier to add them all in an OR-block:

    Player On "Attack1" animation finished
    OR Player On "Attack2" animation finished
    OR Player On "Attack3" animation finished

    You can add the first trigger, right-click and change to OR-block. After that you'll be able to add other triggers to this event.

  • Thanks for the quick reply!

    I'm trying to combine these 3 using the OR but it's not working... what am I doing wrong?

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  • You are doing everything right, just need to drag a little bit further :)

  • Thanks! I'm so rusty after not using C3 for a while :)

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