How do I spawn a physics based solid object on another physics based solid object?

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  • My game is a platformer where the main character spawns physics based bombs. If there is a solid physics based block in front of the main character, the physics engine gets confused where to spawn the bomb. Sometimes the bomb is spawned inside the solid block and gets stuck perpetually. Sometimes it gets spawned at where the main character is, and the main character gets pushed down into the solid object it is standing on, or it totally disappears, replaced by the bomb.

    Anyone had this issue? Any ideas how to solve this?

    Note: It doesn't happen all the time hence I am not able to share the capx.

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  • Hello,

    You can disable the collisions between two specific Pyshic objects. Pick one and use the action "Enable/Disable Collisions" in the Pysics actions category. This lets you choose what other Physic objects should be ignored by the first one.

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