How do I spawn same object?

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  • so when I drop the sprite into the box it creates a line, and when I drop the same sprite (I use it on drop -> create object) into the box it only shows 1 line. How can I make all the sprites that I put can have their respective lines

  • can anyone help me please :D

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  • It's not that clear what you're asking for... What does your drawline() function look like?

    But if I had to make a guess it seems like you are not picking any instances of Sprite4 in event 2, so the new line and the existing ones get stacked on top of each other, looking like there is only one line.

    You need to specify which Sprite4 you want to apply actions to. Usually this is done automatically if there was a system-create object action in the same event, but in this case it looks like you create it via a function so the auto picking didn't apply.

  • sorry forget to add the function.

    my function looks like this

    So how do I create the same object as a function? sorry i'm still learning about construct 2

  • There's nothing in there that creates a new Sprite4 line. You're just moving one around.

    Try this:

    Get rid of the function call in event 1

    Add a System - Create Object Sprite4 in event 2

    Copy all the actions from event 5 to event 2 after the Create Object action

    Move the System - Create Object Sprite in event 2 so that it is the final action in that event.

    You can get rid of the function I think. You can also combine events 1 and 2, no need for a subevent here.

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