How do I spawn bubbles when swimming?

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  • I have a simple platform game and one of the levels is underwater swimming...

    I have a large invisible sprite which is the water... and when the player is 'overlapping the water' the controls/gravity etc. switch to swimming mode.

    I'm wondering how to spawn a bubble that rises to the surface every 3 seconds?

    I tried 'if player is overalapping water, spawn bubble with bullet behaviour' and ended up with thousands of bubbles (every tick I presume).

    So I tried adding a 'wait' for 3 seconds but that didn't work.

    Is this because i'm overlapping the water, so it's checking every tick?

    I figure this might be simple but i'm clearly missing something.

    Thanks for any help, much appreciated :)

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  • use 'every 3 seconds' instead of wait. system condition every x seconds

  • Well that worked perfectly (as I'm sure you knew it would!).

    Many thanks for that :)

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