How do I make a spaceship glide left, right, up and down with keyboard keys?

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  • Hello.

    How do I make a spaceship glide left, right, up and down with either the arrow keys on the keyboard or the W, A, S, D keys on the keyboard. I can't figure out what movement I need and as I'm just a beginner in the field of game development I'm trying to make a game based on the very popular game back in the day called Space Invaders.

    It's the movement that is troubling me.

    If you have time as well, how would I make things drop down from the top of the screen in random positions?

    I've used Scratch as a game design engine before but not Construct but Construct seems like a very good application and I am seriously considering getting the premium version.

    Thanks for the help!


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  • Hello!

    For movement it is the 8-direction behaviour which allows a kind of top down movement and by default with the arrow keys.

    To create at a random position would be to use sytem > create object and the position would be the same Y but with a random X, it would be something like random(0,500) for example which chooses something in that range.

  • When you open Construct, on the home page there will be some demo projects displayed. Look for one called "Glokar" it will help you understand what to do. If it is not on your homepage, type "glokar" into the search bar.

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