How do I make a sortable database?

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  • In a completely random off-shoot from my game:

    I'm also an attorney, and I'm trying to make something that will help me stay a little better organized. I've got an NW.js program in the works and I have it set up to pull an excel spreadsheet from my local disc so it can run offline. Here's my question though:

    Is there anyway, once it pulls that excel spreadsheet, for me to have the program to filter the results- in essence, showing me only the excel cells that I'm looking for within the database? Like for one specific client? Or will I have to actually set up a different spreadsheet for each individual client? (if that's the case, I don't think creating the program is worth it).


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  • It's possible, but Construct is not the best tool for this job. You need to read the spreadsheet data into an array, then loop through the array to find records for a particular client, and then display them somehow - feed to a textbox or list.

    You can do the same much easier directly in Excel, in literally a few clicks. If you need to edit/review data using forms and reports, I suggest Microsoft Access.

  • I'd agree, Construct is not the right tool for this. It doesn't have any native database built in nor does it have an easy way to import external files like excel spreadsheets. Plus, dop is right. You're using a spreadsheet, which is great for doing calculations, like a database and storing information. It'll do it, but searching through client data and showing just that data is not going to be it's strong suit.

    Are you needing to remotely access this data? If so, you're probably looking at a custom solution that uses MySQL and a web interface like WordPress or some other cloud based solution. If you only need to access it locally, MS Access.

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