How do I Sort by Z-index with multiple objects?

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  • Hello there,

    I'm experimenting the z sort in order to make a quick isometric demo. I basically want to sort the order of each object inside a family depending on the Y.

    I have done a part of it, however, I have some problem with the logic of the events. Basically, each player has 3 sprites (player skin, weapon, cape) where weapon is on top of the player, and the cape is behind. What I want is that if the player is above another element of the family, then all the elements of the player should be on top of the other player/object, otherwise should be the opposite. This can be tricky since the cape and the weapon should sort accordingly to the parent player.

    I can sort the players, but the items do not sort well. Also, the sorting of the family doesn't work properly.

    Does anyone have any experience with isometric games? Here the file I'm trying to make it work.


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