How do I sort by "Activity" column into CPU profiler?

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  • Hello developers,

    as you know mobile game optimization require a special attention.

    I use a lot the CPU profile and I like to sort Self and Total time column to keep an eye to the CPU usage.

    Often, when I focus on a particular group of event, would be very useful for me sort the Activity column to have the percentage of that group not moving up and down and keep it always under control.

    Unfortunately it seams that Activity column it is not sortable.

    is there anybody out there knowing if there is a way?

    Just to be sure to find out and optimize, where possibile, all game bottleneck, I'm used to break down the events in groups to understand better how much CPU each group consume and which of them should require my attention first.

    Nonetheless activity like "Draw calls", "plugin processing", "physics simulation" doesn't give me a clear break down to understand what is exactly load the CPU. Ashley is there a plan to add this break down to the CPU profiler?

    I would not mind to have a CPU graph usage as well. (Christmas wish list period :) )

    Please do not misunderstand me, I do really like CPU profiler and is well built and really helpful.


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