Could someone help me with admob?

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    It used to be so easy with admob!

    But now it's much more complicated. I keep getting "no ad to show" when I try to load my interstitial ad. I test on an iPhone 5 with IOS 10.3


    - I add the MobileAdvert plugin and fill the properties.

    - When I first tried I got ads to show 100% of the time WITH user consent.

    - But no ads showed WITHOUT user consent.

    - I changed to 12 custom providers as the manual suggest.

    - Now I get error message "no ad to show" like 99% of the times WITH user consent.

    - WITHOUT user consent it's the same thing but I sometimes get a random green and black ad(?)/screen that brings me to when I tap it.


    Could it be because I use "test mode"?

    Could it be because the app is not live?

    Whats the point of limiting the providers to only 12?

    Wont this affect "eCPM" and "match rate"?

    Will potential NON EU users and people who say "yes" also be limited to only 12 ad providers?

    Does the "no ad to show" just mean there was no ad available from any of my 12 providers?

    Wouldn't it just be easier to have only one "Yes button" on the consent screen and have everything work as before?

    Could I perhaps delete the no button and just force people to say yes since this clearly does not work for me?

    Do I need to add any actions for the plugin for different "MobileAdvert.ConsentStatus" statuses?


    Lots of questions but I just don't understand this at all! Please shed some light on the GDPR and admob mystery!

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