[SOLVED]How do I open multiple instances of nwjs?

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  • Hi, I would like to know how to open multiple instances of nwjs when the game is exported, just for testing purposes.

    I already tried to modify the .nw package by adding single-instance : false in package.json.

    Then I tried to add a single-instance json script which is executed in the index.html but without result do you have any leads ?

    Thanks :)

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  • Problem solved.

    1.Rename the file package.nw to package.zip

    2.Extract the file, open the file index.html with a text editor.

    3.Between the

    	<head> </head> 

    . Add :

    You have to add a < before the script> in the first line

    			nw.App.on("open", function(args)

    4.Select all the files, create a zip and not a rar. and rename it to package.nw

    The first start of the program gives you 1 window.

    The second start of the program gives you 2 windows.

    Starting the program for the third time gives you 4 windows.

    Running the program for the fourth time gives you 8 windows.

    I'm sorry to have posted this quickly I found my answers 2 minutes after the post I hope it will be useful.

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