[Solved]How do I make a dash that responds to collision and does not make the player fall

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  • I´m trying to make a dash similar to megaman x or hollow knight in Construct 3, I´m pretty new but I´ve run into multiple problems, if I rapidly change the player´s speed and for a time simulate the pressing of the last direction, it works but It does not make the player instantly move which is what I´m trying to do and wouldn´t let me air dash. So after that I tried to make a lerp that teleports the player and that works with air dashing and all but I need something that obeys collision yet meets my criteria, I´m pretty stuck. This airdash example by is very to similar to what I want it just only works in the air and if you add a solid sprite doesn´t obey colission

  • It is not that complicated if you change platform values at the right time. Try this example:


  • Thanks, this is what I needed, one question though, what is player.direction and why are you multiplying it by 3 to get the offset? I don´t see any info on (nameofobject).direction. other than that It´s great

  • Instead of 'left' and 'right' i like to use '-1' and '1' because you can use it in formulars. To dash to the left side, you need to set the x vector to a negativ number. Instead of using 2 events to determine the direction and then accelerating with 2500 or -2500 pixels/sec, you only need one event and calculate 2500 * 1 or -1. Same goes for overlapping at offset. When the Player is heading to the left, you need to check 3 pixels to the negativ.

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  • Thanks, I´m currently implementing it

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