[Solved] Text object scaling issue?

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  • Hopefully this isn't a bug, and I'm just missing something!

    A sprite object is placed to "highlight" behind a text object, with an empty event sheet. When remote previewing on a phone, or html5 export, the location of the highlighted sprite is off. From testing it doesn't seem like the text object's font size or object size is changing nor is the highlight moving - so I'm a bit stumped as to why it's not in the correct position anymore! (Using letterbox scale.)

    When previewing on the pc and resizing the window this problem does not occur. The different sizes of windows does not recreate this problem.


    I've attached an example of my issue:


    On PC

    On Mobile

  • The problem is you are using the "build in font" of your PC and this doesn't exist on your mobil. You could import a web-font or use a sprite font so that is always the same font, independently of the device or use BBCode like:

    "Jimmy looked down, and he saw a witch!"&newline&"He froze in silence, and didn't [background=#ffff00]move[/background] an inch."

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  • Oh wow, it didn't occur to me that Arial wouldn't be identical on phone chrome / vs pc chrome. Adding it to the font folder has fixed the issues! Thank you so much!

    (Couldn't do the bbcode option as I'm already using it to do actual highlights for audio syncing, these sprite highlights are for answering questions.)

    Saved me a huge headache.

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