[SOLVED] How do I preload external images/files to "loadingprogress" that are not in the game.

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  • Question: How do I add external (images/files) to "loadingprogress" that are not in the game.

    I have a large amount of external images/files that are accessed from the server that are used for CSS/JS outside of Canvas (C3). I would like to use the (c3)Preloader rather than creating an additional preloader.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Adding images/files to the "offline.json" "FileList" seems to work as desired. If anyone reads this in the future I have included some additional instructions below.

    When you open up "offline.json" add your extra files to the end of the "FileList:" separated by a comma. The example below shows (3) images in the file list. For demonstration purposes all the other files C3 includes I did not show. You will need to update this offline.json every time you export a new version. You would simply add "image_1.jpg", "image_2.jpg", "image_3.jpg" to the end every time you export your project.

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