[SOLVED] levels sharing same event sheet isn't working correctly

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  • Hey Construct people!

    I'm using the same event sheet for two different levels but I have an issue: some events look to not working on level 2. For example, I have a keyboard trigger with the letter "R" that when pressed restarts the layout - this works fine on level 1 but not on level 2, also some other keys and variables look to be not working properly. (I've checked with the debug and keyboard inputs are taken)

    I can't understand why previously I made a game where levels are sharing the same event sheet but no issues there. do you know why might this happen?

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  • You are using the same event sheet but have you assigned the same event sheet? Check the layout properties for layout 2 and see which layout is assigned.

  • yes, the layouts have the same event sheet assigned, correct - but it's weird because some actions are triggered some others not - I don't really understand what's wrong :|

  • You'll have to share the project file and tell us which are the problematic events.

  • lionz I found the issue: basically, the non-wall area was filled with a transparent tile that basically acts as a solid, so that's why my player wasn't able to move. damn, feel so stupid! :D

    thanks for the replies

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