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  • Hello,

    I think it is browser related, but I'm wondering if there is a way to detect if a Keyboard is present/attached to the game (or like the Gamepad Object, if there is a Count event, or similar thing…).

    It's not mandatory, it's a polish thing. In my game, when the player press a key or a button, I spawn a notification to warn what is the "main" (last) used controller…

    Thanks you!


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  • It's generally not possible, or at least not advisable, to try to detect which input devices are attached. In particular the fact an input device is available does not mean the user necessarily wants to use it.

    If you ask "does the user have a keyboard?" then does an on-screen keyboard count? What about a foldable tablet with one side of the display showing a keyboard? What if the tablet has a keyboard attachment but the user prefers to use touch input?

    The best thing to do is wait and see which input the user actually uses, and respond according to that.

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