[SOLVED] Can a family inherit behaviors from its members? [the answer: no]

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  • Hi :)

    So I've created a bunch of sprites with the tween behavior and also put up some actions using tweens.

    I then decided I want to add all the sprites to a family, so I could control them all via the family instead of individually.

    However, it is now impossible to add the tween behavior to the family (the tween behavior simply missing from the list)... Is it because the individual members of the family already have the tween behavior? If so, how can I pass it up to the family level?

    As it stands now, I can not, for instance, disable all tween behavior at the family level, and need to do so individually (even though they are all part of the same family).

    Thanks for helping!

  • The way I do it is to add a second behaviour to the Family then start reworking the events with that, then you can delete the one at the object level. If you delete the behaviour before this I think it starts deleting related events which you don't want.

  • Thanks.

    But how can I start reworking events regarding tweens if I can not add a tween behavior to the family at all?

    It seems as though the only way is to delete the behavior (= also the events...) from the individual sprites, then start over at the family level... :-(

  • Ah sorry I rarely use tween and it seems that you can only add one tween behaviour. Other ones such as platform you could create a second behaviour at family level and replace family object and behaviour in events, but for tween you cannot do this so yes unfortunately you must create the events again

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  • Thanks again.

  • dont think is a way around, but if you plan to use a familly and have the same behavior used on the individual members just add it to the familly directly, and eliminate the individual behavior on members of familly...

    this way you can say "familly.behavior" do something but you can also say "sprite1.behavior" do something... if you want to use each member individual with that behavior.

    sadly as the user above i never used tween... so im not really into the "know" on why it doesn't allow u to add 2 behaviors... for other behaviors the behaviors is just renamed to behaviorname2 or something like that... maybe tween doesnt have that feature yet implemented... might in a beta version or something...

  • Thanks for your thoughts and ideas :)

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