[Solved] How do you create a Zooming in and out effect as Player moves in specific direction?

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  • What I am trying to do is create a perspective of the player (not the background or level itself) and enemies "shrinking" as they move to the left of the screen. Once the player moves to the right, they begin increasing back to size.

    It is as you are watching someone walk away or walk up to you from a distance.

    I tried the scalling effect as I move left, but it triggered it only on initial press of the direction. I want the level to remain untouched, just the player and NPCs.

    Anyone able to post an image of events to pull it off?

    This gives a slight perspective of what I'm trying to accomplish.

    This is one thing I tried. I also tried adding action of scaling Player.X -0.50 and Player.Y -0.50. I've tried various combinations of Sub Events/Conditions. Hasn't worked yet.


  • My last edit deleted the image giving somewhat of an idea of what I wanted to accomplish. Here it is.

  • Set scale to distance(startx,starty,currentx,currenty) / divisor

  • Any chance of an image you can upload on how it would look in events?

    Thanks for your response.

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  • Below is what I came up with. Just for testing, I have the player (red square) start above the platform. When it starts up, the player falls and shrinks. When he is on the platform and I move him, I can't see him (do to the decrease in size), but once I stop, he resizes to original size.

    What I am trying to figure out is I want to be able to press the player to the left and the more I move him the farther he appears to be in the distance (like he is shrinking). Where I stop, that current size stays until I either move him left (where he continues to get smaller) or right (he comes closer and size enlarges. Not sure where I'm going wrong or how to achieve that objective. Any suggestions? Thanks

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