How do I make solid object not overlaping (in a correct way)?

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  • I create a game similar to Galaga where enemy fall from above. On construt2, I made them Solid, used Sine wave movement and enable 8-direction behaviour in order to make them not overlapping with other solid object. The actual movement is force bullet movement down to the ground and going left-right from Sine wave behaviour which work just fine.

    Yesterday, I imported to Construct3. The game still working fine as in Construct2. So I continued my development. I cloned that enemy and changed color and HP to make a variation. But it act different even all setting are the same as the original.

    The enemy that I imported from Construct2 still fall down in Sine wave form and avoid overlapping other solid object but the one that I created in Construct3 fly up into the sky very fast even I set bullet movement and sine wave to force it to zigzag down to the ground. If I disable 8 direction behaviour, it will perform as the original from Construct2 but the new one will overlap with other solid object eventhough this one is solid enabled.

    I think my set up may not be the correct why of doing this. So is there any other method to do this or the way to fix this?

    Below are my set up for these two objects. Both of them have the same setup, so I capture screen for only one of them.

    here is how I spawn them.

    And lastly, here is how are both of them behave.

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  • Nevermind. I found out the issue. I was looking at the wrong thing. The real problem is the claw that I attached for blue crab was also a solid object. So the blue crab trying to avoid the collision of solid object but the claw keep pinning to his arm. So it run away again and agin until it reach the top of the screen.

    It kind of funny. I may use it as a gimmick in another game.

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