How do I do a solid that kills you in platformer behavior?

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  • Just something like Mega Man spikes that are solid and kill you if you touch them is something I need to do.

    I don't need to know how to create a death sequence, I already did that. I just need to know how to trigger it if a platformer touches a specific solid object.

  • What do you mean by solid? Events you could use are something like 'player on collision with spikes then destroy player'

  • I mean solid behavior. If I use solid behavior then the platformer object can't detect it collided with the object using solid because it's pushed out of it before any conditions can check for that.

  • On collision with object should work

  • It doesn't because the platformer behavior makes the collision check impossible via events.

  • If they are spikes in Megaman then they shouldn't be solid anyway is what I'm saying. You can do on collision with spike object but don't make it solid because why?

  • Most Mega Man games had solid spikes.

    Seemingly from testing I just did related to what you said, we have to use overlapping at offset and the offsets something like Platformer.Platform.VectorX * Platformer.dt and I'm guessing the platformer's vector Y needs always set to 10 when standing so it detects when standing on death traps too.

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  • These are the spikes I remember where he jumps in front of them because theyre on a layer behind, I don't see how that is a solid object?

    So if you create spikes sprite, don't set it to solid you can use player on collision with spikes.

  • They were intangible in 1, but pretty sure nearly all the other games after had solid death tiles including Flame Man's burning oil tiles that act like spikes that I clearly remember were solid even though that's really weird. To be honest, in terms of NES, there was only one background layer and the spikes in 1 just had no collision detection.

    It seems to work though if you use offsets like I mentioned. Just keep it in mind for future reference I guess? You might want to do it later as well.

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