Snapshot is limited to current user's Resolution - Any Alternative Option?

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  • Hi All,

    My project is meant to work on Desktop OS as standalone using NWJS export.

    Hopefully for Windows, Linux and Mac. for start I focus on Windows 10.

    The layout is 1920x1080 (Full HD), I have an Export Button to capture a PNG of this size.

    For now my software starts on Full Screen because this is MY current resolution.

    The thing is:

    I want to start the software on Windowed Mode with smaller resolution such as 1280x720 for example and an option for FullScreen (Window and Non-Window) to fit ANY user resolution, even 4K.

    But from a rough test, I understood that the Screen Capture will only CAPTURE the layout size based on the window size... and when I export PNG file, I get weird resolutions.

    1 - How can I make, no matter what the screen resolution is, no matter if it's windowed or full screen to CAPTURE the TRUE ORIGINAL SIZE of the Layout which is: 1920x1080

    2 - Is there a way to do this without ruin the TRUE original size? without scaling it up or down or reduce quality?

    Example of what users may ran into:

    If a user choose to work on 1280x720 windowed mode, I still want him to export 1920x1080 of the TRUE resolution of the layout, not just RESIZE it or tweak it in any way.

    Same if a user works on Full Screen of 4K or whatever strange resolution...

    3 - Is there a different way / Plugin / Addon I should use in order to accomplish this?

    Or with the current Screen Capture option but... some MAGIC code? (I'm just a C3 noob so I don't know).

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