Take Snapshot "&" doesn't work?

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  • Hi All,

    My goal is to exclude some layers when taking a snapshot, when file saved, bring them back (visibility).

    When I include the layers one by one, the code works PERFECT! as I expected.

    But wen I tried to make it more efficient in 1 line, as I used the "&" it's not working.

    I'm aware that all these Sub-Events are not needed, I just like to see the separation.

    I must be missing something really stupid... can someone please help?


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  • You're trying to set a layer called "GUISafeAreaLocked Objects" invisible - which doesn't exist

    To my knowledge, Set layer doesn't take multiple parameters, but on the off chance it does, throw a comma in between you layer names

  • Thanks for the quick reply Elliott

    I guess it doesn't work because the Layer doesn't take multiple parameters, as you mentioned (I had no idea, it's good to know!).

    I tried to add comma between but I get Syntax Error so I guess I'll just go with the extra lines.

    It will get messy when I'll have more layers but.. oh well, at least it works. :)

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