How do I snap a sprite to another sprite?

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  • Hia folks,

    I have a sprite which follows the mouse (a "placeholder" for a building to be built). I have placed some invisible sprites on the ground which are meant to be a building base (buildings can only be placed on those bases).

    I want my placeholder to snap to an image point of each building base sprite when the mouse is around. So far, I made a rudimentary system with a simple mouse over condition:

    but the results are buggy at best. The placeholder is snapping, but not always, and not where it should.. I have also checked the collision polygons of both sprites. Made a quick capture below:

    The white rectangles are the base sprites, they are visible for testing purposes

    Any ideas on a reliable method for snapping to an image point are appreciated!

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  • I have actually solved my issue.

    The condition was incorrect. It wasn't set for the mouse coordinates, but for the placeholder sprite, when I needed to have the placeholder sprite snap when THE MOUSE is over the base sprite...

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