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  • How do I make a smooth touch d-pad? Like its a circle with a dot in the middle, so you move the dot around, and that will determine the directional input?

    I wish I knew the proper name, but since I don't, I'm not getting the results that I want on google, as they end up going to physical joysticks, etc.

    Reason being is that my game isn't playing well with the simple (right, left, up, down) buttons and would benefit more from a hold and drag type joystick since 8 way directional movement is support in the game. Its very cumbersome with four seperate directional buttons so many people have hard time moving diagonally.

    Best example I can find is this: ... 0x480.jpeg

    Where its a circle object within another object, and depending on where it is in relation to the object its over, will affect the directional the player moves in.

    Thank you in advance.

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