How do I make a smooth horizontal movement mid air??

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  • Hey its my first time posting anything, im trying to make more control in the platformer behavior and i got stuck with some issues, hope that some could help:)

    So i did make and event that control the player height jump depend on how long you press jump and when you release the jump button the player will fall faster and stuff. Im trying to make somthing similar to the Left and Right movement asswel so you can have more control over the player while in air but also that it will be harder to turn to the opposite diraction. Any ideas?:)

  • You don't need any events for this. Just set some value for "Jump sustain" setting, and the character will jump higher while you are holding the jump button. And you should be able to control it in the air - move left of right.

  • Thank so much ill try that. But for example if the player is jumping to right and in mid air he will try to turn left i want to creat some delay or somthing like that

  • The simple way to make such delay is to start ignoring controls on jump, then after a wait or on Timer event - stop ignoring controls.

    If you need something more complex, you can use "Is jumping", "Is falling", "Is (Not) on the floor" conditions, and control player's vector X and vector Y with actions.

    TO get current flying direction and speed, use Player.Platform.VectorX and Player.Platform.VectorY expressions. To change it, use "Set vector X/Y" actions.

    Also, don't forget to disable default controls for Platform behavior.

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  • Thank you, this is the best answer i can imagen:)

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