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  • Hello!

    I tried for days to do something, but I'm block for the moment, so, I will need a little help from you guys!

    What I want to make

    Let's say that we have this site, Ok, so, there I will place my game with a google ad mid-roller (an gaming ad for desktop, that is placed in the middle of the game, when player die, or he goes level up, or something like that). From some months, Google implemented "ads.txt", and if your google id publisher is not listed there, your AD will not show. So the game to work, at you have to find your pub-id.

    So, I want to check if that site have my pub-id in the ads.txt, and if is there, the game will work, if not, it will appear a message informing the webmaster about adding my pub-id so that the game can work.

    Ok, so... how can I verify this? I have to trunc the domain to have "" (because with Browser.domain you will have the full link, like and to concatenate with "/ads.txt", so, I will be on that page. Ok, now.. how I can crawl that page? How can I find if there is listed my pub-id?

    Anyone have done this? Anyone have an idea?


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