How to simulate the sound of an engine for a racing game?

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  • Hello, friends! How to simulate the operation of a car engine as in hill climb racing?

    Looping a single sound, or starting different sounds with the engine running with repetition looks sounds and feels very bad.

    Is it possible to develop a dynamic sound method for a car engine so that the engine acceleration and abortion reduction are real?

    Can construct developers help with this? In almost all my games, I use sound looping, or starting different sounds to accelerate or reduce engine speed, it looks very stupid and stupid, it looks like the sound when I pull out the RAM when the computer is running, and the sound goes in cycles.

  • Maybe someone will give you a more detailed answer, but I'd suggest you to find Audio effects example (it's in intermediate examples in Construct 3). Also, you could try Set playback rate action for Audio

  • I've been working on a top down racing game and I have about 4 files of engine sounds to vary different speeds and 4,5 files with gear change simulation. Right now I am only using gear changing at the start and end of races , the rest of the time I am simply looping those 4 different engine sounds with a kinda trancy music on top and I may just leave it like that.

    Without the music, though I get exactly what you are saying. Sounds bad and I think the only way to do it is with different files. I don't think Construct's audio manipulation is sophisticated enough to manipulate a single file ( maybe I am wrong, should play around with playback rate to find out )

    In older flash games, I had a setup with one file for each gear and switching gears sounds, so just trigger each depending on car's speed. But you have to create those engine sounds that raise in pitch and other details.

    I think having a nice soundtrack on top and engine sounds in the background works well and is far simpler, and who doesn't like good driving music?

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  • Thank you for wanting to answer) But just looping the sound at certain seconds is bad. I tried to try with the sound tied to slowing down and speeding up time, but unfortunately this does not work either. There are 70 cars in my game, I want the sound to be real.

    Can construct 3 developers consider creating a plug-in to simulate a car engine? For example, in unity 3d there is a plugin that is perfectly inserted into the object and enable the engine simulation.

    We need a plug-in that simulates the sound of the engine, so that the plug-in can increase the speed of sound, as well as the speed of sound looping. After all, can you do that?

  • Actually, I just had a chance to try it and it may work, it is pretty simple. Every tick adjust playback rate based n speed., so my max speed is 600. audio set playback rate to 1-(1-mycar.Car.Speed/600)

    Just play around with it. In the case of what I posted it will go from 0 to playback speed of 1, meaning at full speed you will have the normal sound and at slower speeds it will sound lower,deeper

    I would insert some variables in there so when playback speed reaches certain points it triggers gear changing sounds. You can also use lerp/unlerp to make the pitch go up slowly then speed up

  • I understand what you want to explain, I even associated the sound of playback with the revolutions of the pulley on the engine.

    The pulley is adjusted using the gas button, when pressed, the pulley turns, the more the pulley turns, the more the object touches the object.

    As a result, the sound starts relative to the pulley speed, and at the beginning it seemed to me a solution, but unfortunately it did not lead to a solution to the problem.

    The sound sometimes does not start, the faster the pulley rotates, the faster the contact with the object, and the more the sound is mistaken at startup.

  • Seems like you want a lot more precision and realism than I need. I will have music on top of everything, so for my purposes it will do.

    Hopefully you can solve it somehow

  • I think, urgently need a plugin for Construct 3 racing games, because many players are faced with such a problem.

    Is it possible for the creators of construct 3 to make the plugin official?

  • If you want to play sound depending on speed of rotation - wouldn't it be better to actually compare rotation speed, instead of checking collisions? If I understand collisions correctly - they will not register if "collision" happens in-between frames, so you shouldn't rely on them when high speed is involved.

  • Unfortunately, the sound is still not stable.

  • You can change the playback rate of a sound effect which changes both the pitch and tempo.

    There's a few YT videos on creating car engine sounds. Check them out.

  • Hello)

    I did not know that it is possible to increase the tempo of sound, or to accelerate or reduce it; I thought that it depended on time dilation.

    The sound of the engine I am developing through FL Studio.

  • I did not know that it is possible to increase the tempo of sound, or to accelerate or reduce it; I thought that it depended on time dilation.

    The timescale will also change the playback rate if you have the Timescale audio property set appropriately on the Audio plugin. But there's also just an action in the Audio plugin called Set Playback Rate that you can use on individual sounds.

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