How do I simplify this "overlaping scenario"?

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  • Hi guys I'm having trouble in simplifying this "problem":

    Imagine that I have 20 fields, 20 objects and a button. I want to drag n drop each object to a field and the button will only show after all the fields are overlapping/being overlapped.

    I can only think at some really monstruous solution: I create a variable for each field and I need to check for each field if they are overlapping/being overlapped by each object and then update the variable. When the 20 variables have a determined value, the button will appear.

    Is it possible to simplify this challenge?

    Thanks in advance guys for any help :)


  • What you described is how to do it I guess, but why is it a daunting task? Are you saying the 20 fields are different objects (not instances)? In this case you use a family, and a family instance variable, so just the one variable for all fields.

  • Field variable=bool

    ->system compare field.PickedCount=field.Count do foo

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  • Each field is named as field1, field2.... field20 and each object is named object1, object2... object20

  • Each object is randonly positioned on the screen and I need to organize them on each field.

  • Put the fields into a family, and the objects into a family, then you can say if objectfam is overlapping fieldfam. Their main use is this, so you can refer to a group of possible objects as one object.

  • Thanks _lions! :D I'll take a look how to use this then

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