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  • Hi Guys,

    I've aproblem of thinking for a better solution.

    I place an object A on a field and an Object B on another field.

    The fields get the animation Frame number from the objects and write them into a Var.

    If I then click the "merge" button (what is only enabled if the Vars are similiar), the Vars will be write into a Var called "checked".

    Now I use the "checked" Var fpr creating an achievement object.

    If "checked" is correct, it should spawn an achivement object sprite, set the size and position and write the checked value into an array.

    But my problem is now, that I decided to enhance the project and so there are not only 10 or 20 Objects for playing but nearly 100 or more. and I have to do the changes each time I create a new Layout (change Objects, change achievements, change numbers....)

    Do you know a better way to do this what is simple enough to understand by a beginner?

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  • It looks like you could simplify those events with functions.

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