How to sign into Google Leaderboard?

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  • I’m having trouble with some users being able to upload their scores to the Google Leaderboards.

    Here’s the relevant portion of the event sheet:

    As you can see the events run as follows:

    1. User presses the yellow leaderboard button

    2. Google Play > Sign in

    3. Google Play > On signed in > submit score to leaderboard

    4. Google Play > On signed in fail > call an error function (this brings up a popup telling the user how to log in to Google Play)

    5. Google Play > On score submit success > show leaderboard

    6. Google Play > On score submit fail > call general error function (another popup)

    I’ve been told by several people that when they press the leaderboard button nothing happens. No Google Play Sign in or no error pop up either. And yet I’ve had other people who are able to post their scores to the leaderboards with no problem.

    So can anyone spot what the issue is here?

    I notice there’s an event that goes Google Play > Is signed in - how does this differ from point 3 above On signed in?

    Can anyone post a screenshot of their process for successfully signing in and submitting to the Google Leaderboards?

    Cheers :)

  • Folks - any advice on what the issue may be here?

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    Folks, any feedback on what I'm getting wrong with trying to post to the Google Leaderboards?

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