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  • As Construct has grown, there has been a tremendous amount of tutorials created and demo projects uploaded to help reduce the learning curve. The "How do I" forum is hit or miss with questions as many times a quick answer solves part of the question but some confusion/doubt in the OP may still exist. This almost usually causes more frustration and eventually leaving their project or another question to be asked. Rinse, wash, repeat.

    I've been in the tech field 20+ years, learning cisco, vmware, microsoft products, etc.. Each of those training/re-certification classes were incredibly informative and I learned so much.

    I'm curious why there isn't a class that covers a topic that we vote on as being "needed". Even a refresher would help. A brief class or one that's 30 minutes seems like it would build this community (and brand) even more. I wasn't sure if there was a reason why there hasn't been this, such as it was attempted before but with poor results.

    Either way, there are topics I have with C3 that I can't get my mind around regardless of how many tutorials, reverse-engineering demos or questions I ask. Maybe I'm alone but I would bet donuts and coffee there are many who would benefit from a class, or 5.


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