How do I shift down 1 grid level?

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  • C3/Mobile

    Every X seconds the blocks need to shift down 1 level of the grid, all at once, until the blocks at the bottom level are there for X seconds. I spawned the blocks ...... but I have no idea how to move them down to the next grid X seconds later. I'm positive it goes something like every 3 seconds > spr.1large.Y then something in parentheses that tells it go move down 65px.

    Am I close?

    Is there a C3 demo for this?

    I found about a thousand C2 demos that use some outdated Rainbow Rex plugins that aren't available for C3. So I haven't found a whole let of help on the forum because no one ever thought to make the C2 plugins compatible with C3 (which would have been FREAKING BRILLIANT!)

    Any C3 help for this problem?

    Thank you.

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  • Every 3 seconds > Spr1large.Y + 65


    Or if you want it to be smooth use the MoveTo or Tween behavior

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