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  • Hi there!

    I am just about to upload my first free game to Apple's app store. The only thing I have left is to make it possible to rate the game. I am using the Share plugin and now I'm going to type in the "App Identifier" and I was wondering what this is? I would be super-grateful if you could help me out with this.

    Thanks in advance,

    Tommy /

  • On the manual entry it says that "On iOS this uses the in-built request app rating dialog, which has predefined text" so those infos are useful only on Android.

    MANUAL ENTRY from "Share":

    The App Identifier is the app id probably (reverse-domain), the manual is lacking a little on this, and for some other official plugins too.

    So, you don't have to provide data in the "Rate App" dialog for iOS at all.

    Could you please help me back by saying to me if you used "MobileAdvert" plugin in your iOS game?

    Since a few days I can't publish updates of my games because they all crashes on startup and from my tests so far it seem to be linked to "MobileAdvert" because when I remove it I no longuer crashes...

    No one is answering me sadly. :/

  • Yes, I'm using MobileAdvert but I haven't tested the app yet to see if it's working. I'll let you know tomorrow when I've tested it.

    Maybe Ashley knows what the App identifier is?

  • DavidA13 it doesn't work for me either when I use Xcode and MobileAdvert. You wouldn't happen to have found a solution to this problem? Very frustrating!

  • Like I said, the app identifier is the reverse domain id of your game.

    Let's say your website is, your app id would be something like "com.tomologames.NameOfMyGame", it's just under the name of your game in "Google Play Console". :) ...and it's not used on iOS, as per the manual.

    No solution so far for the crash, does it crash on startup for you too...?

    Pretty hard to debug since the game doesn't start at all...stuck on loading.

  • Just use whatever you put in the ID project property.

    It makes sense to default to this value, so I changed it for the next release to use that value automatically if you leave the app ID empty.

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  • DavidA13 - I'm not bother with the App Identifier anymore. It doesn't crash on startup because the build fails. Are you able to make a successful build but when you start the app it crashes?

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