How do I share DATA between two online project?

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  • Hi guys!

    I am creating a sort of "webapp" that contains some video games. For many reasons, I need to create one different C3 project for every video game.

    I need to share data between the game. Not "real-time" data, just data. For example: I decide my "username" in the main game, and I want to manteint the "username" in every game without have to write it down again. So: i want to pass the data contained in this variable between the games.

    I was thinking that it was possible with the Local Storage and by using the same name, because of all the games will be hosted in my website, but when I try it does not work.

    Do someone have idea to do it? I think that cookie or something like that can work, and I am sure that in Construct it is possible!

    Thank you very much!


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  • Hey guys, any idea?

    I have seen that the LocalStorage works ONLY if I duplicate my project (it seems that every project as like an ID to select the LocalStorage).

    Another way is to put info inside the URL (like, but I was wondering if there is something better.

    Thank you guys!


  • export a save file that both games can use to your computer

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