setting bullet angle with multiple weapons and local multiplayer

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  • Im not sure how to set the correct bullet angle when there could be multiple instances of the same gun in the scene at one time. I could have the bullet on created spawn and correlate with the player but I would like up and down aiming as well and preferable spawning on correct image points on the weapon. A recent project I've seen similar is a game like Vimlarks "Monkeys With Guns"

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  • You'll need some way to differentiate the gun object instances so that you can pick them properly. Can be done with an instance variable.

    For example, when spawning a gun for a player, set an instance variable in the gun object to playerSprite.UID. This will associate the gun to that player, and you can pick that gun in particular by comparing instance variables.

    Better yet, use the same method you're already using to pick the correct player sprite to move for your controls.

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