Setting Angle of Movement (Bullet) Has No Effect

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  • I have an enemy that, when within range, it'll "rocket" towards the Player Car via the Bullet behavior using the Car's last known position at the point of Line-of-Sight acquisition.


    1. Chase player via Pathfinding

    2. Acquire Car via Line-of-Sight (LOS)

    3. Rapidly "attack" Car in the direction of the last known position

    4. Bullet deceleration property is -100 pixels/second

    5. When Enemy Bullet speed is 0, enter cooldown period

    6. At end of cooldown period, resume normal pursuit of Car via Pathfinding

    The problem is that upon acquiring the Car via LOS, the Enemy does not update its Bullet angle of motion.

    For the Enemy properties, I disabled the option which sets the Enemy angle to the angle of motion. However, for some reason, the Enemies always activate by going at a 180* angle.

    (Note, I have further removed the "For each Enemy" in the first event line...still no real solution, though there seems to be mild improvement.)

    Can anyone assist me in this matter, please? Thank you!!!

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  • Set the speed before angle - this is actually documented.

  • Oh okay. I must have missed that detail. Curious why that makes a difference, but I will do just that. Thank you! :D

  • Wonders and miracles, IT WORKS! :D

    I'm always grateful for your help. Thanks again!!

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